Paul Victor Farris

12 missed birthdays. 11/2/2018.  Read more

Jon Farris remains in the news. Many more stories at our Pursuit For Change website, here

See Paul’s dad speaking with NBC Boston on August 17, 2018 here

11/2/1983 - 5/27/2007

Taken Away Too Soon

This website is a place you can visit and reflect about Paul, about the frailty of life or whatever else matters to you. In August of 2017 we converted the standalone website to this subdomain.

We use this and our sites to tell Paul’s story and to advocate for significantly safer police pursuits, because if simple judgment had been used on May 27, 2007, Paul would still be alive.

Paul positively affected many people during his short life and that continues after his death. His spirit will live with us forever. We continue to do everything that Paul expects of us, and we hope that you will too.

‘Police pursuits, for the most part, are merely a passing newspaper story or television headline, forgotten by readers and viewers a few minutes later. But for the hundreds of relatives and thousands of friends of these innocent victims, the pain is real and never goes away. Never.’

– Jonathan Farris, May 2007

10 Birthdays (November 2, 2016)

I live in a different world than many of you. For ten years Roberta and I have taken November 2nd as a remembrance day. As a rest day. Generally as a be-by-ourselves day…

Hear Jon tell USA Today the story of Paul

You will be truly horrified by the number of police pursuits happening daily across the US. See example at our Twitter page

MAY 27, 2018 was ELEVEN YEARS since this totally-preventable tragedy occurred.

Here’s Jon’s thought-provoking 10-year anniversary post. TEN YEARS

I hear people say that time heals the pain.
Well, it doesn’t. Not even a little bit.
Time does strengthen me.
Time does allow me to hide the hurt so you need not live with it as I do – every day of my life. ~ jgf


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