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Our Edina 2012 recipients have some very special talents which we would like to highlight.

First, here are  photos from the presentation.

Jon, Keagan & Alec

Paul Farris Awards Program - May 2012 - 1

Alec & Keagan

Alec Fischer and Keagan Potts - May 28 2012 (2) sm

Roberta, Alec, Keaga, Jon

Roberta, Alec, Keagan, and Jon - May 28 2012

Alec Fischer

You absolutely need to see Alec Fischer’s film,
Minnesota Nice? A Documentary On Bullying And Suicide In Minnesota Schools

“Minnesota Nice?” Official Trailer (2012)

 Silent Agency In The Studio (2011)

Silent Agency at the Depot Coffee House

Here is the link to Silent Agency’s MySpace page
Please visit the band’s Facebook page 
Soon we’ll have embedded music for your listening pleasure!