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Kate Hoyt speaks to FOX25 News in Boston. HERE

It’s SCHOLARSHIP TIME!! Somerville High School scholarships were awarded May 25th, 2016

> Jon Farris met with Toyota USA Executives on May 27, 2016, the ninth anniversary of Paul’s death. Visit PursuitForChange to learn about our push to remove the Toyota Prius police chase advertising.

Celebrating Paul Farris With Music:
Go to http://www.pursuitforchange.org/voices-of-victims/nine-years-celebrating-paul-farris-with-music/

We have 1,336 signatures – wow! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! Please share this link with your friends and family.

See our AWESOME Christmas / Holiday & New Year cards!

Jon Farris is back in the news (USA Today, 12/21/2015)

An 18 minute video editorializing about NSW (Australia) #PoliceChases. Different Country, Same Horrible Results. Note similarity with US statistics (PS: some vulgar language) http://buff.ly/1Pt1IEZ

Awesome training presentations at the Madison (WI) Police Department in November & December 2015 and February 2016. I love speaking at these events, sharing Paul’s story and talking about saving lives through fewer and safer police pursuits!

Jon returned to Washington DC in February 2016 and September 2015 to meet with legislators. See the list and READ MORE.

> Paul’s dad, Jonathan Farris, is available for media interviews and speaking engagements. Contact Jon at Jon@paulfarris.org

Paul Farris Memorial Scholarships were awarded at Somerville High School on May 27, 2015, the 8th anniversary of Paul’s death.

Business, Life, Passion and Volunteerism
By Jonathan Farris
I love Linkedin. There, I said it. But what the heck does this have to do with business, life, passion and volunteerism? Patience, my friends.  READ MORE


> Jon Farris in USA TODAY  This is an amazing National expose with many statistics. Thanks to Tom Frank for his terrific reporting (@ByTomFrank)


> USA Today Police Pursuit Editorial (Curtail Deadly Police Chases)


10/26/2015 Jon is quoted in another USA Today expose. This one focusing on the FBI’s under-reporting of law enforcement officer deaths during police pursuits. READ MORE

10/21/2015 Jon spoke with USA Today reporter, Tom Frank, again today. Tom’s third investigative report about police pursuit statistics, this time related to the under-reporting of law enforcement officer deaths, will run in the next several days. #PoliceChase

10/2/2015 Jon spoke with USA Today reporter, Tom Frank (@ByTomFrank), again today. Tom’s second investigative report is in the bullet below. They discussed a third article, focusing on Jon’s 2015 legislative activities in Washington DC. #PoliceChase #NHTSA http://buff.ly/1P9nDQV

> Feds fail to track deadly police pursuits. USA Today 9/29/2015
The U.S. government has drastically understated the number of people killed in high-speed police car chases, potentially by thousands of fatalities over several decades, a USA TODAY investigation shows.  Thanks to reporter Tom Frank (@ByTomFrank) READ MORE

> See Paul’s dad speak for the USA Today expose  Click here

> USA Today writer Tom Frank discusses police chases  Listen

> Jon interviewed on HuffPost Live  View
This starts at the 12 minute mark

> Jon speaks on WTMJ Radio in Milwaukee  LISTEN

> More in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel  HERE

> Jon speaks on NPR’s All Things Considered HERE

> Article linked from The Wisconsin State Journal  HERE

> Jon quoted in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel articles  HERE

> Friend Jessica Herrera Rodriguez does a wonderful job speaking to ABC’s Nightline  HERE

> Excellent California Public Radio interview with PursuitSAFETY Executive Director Esther Seoanes,USA Today’s Tom Frank and Tulsa PD Commander Travis Yates.  LISTEN

Jon on ABC World News Tonight HERE

Jon on ABC World News Tonight (another one)HERE

Jon interviewed on San Diego CBS 8  HERE


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> August 20, 2014: Jon Farris in the news again. Learn more

> click for REAL PURSUITS
updated August 17, 2014

> Jon & PursuitSAFETY are in the
news! READ MORE #TheHill

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> See photos of our 2014 Somerville scholarship recipients. Here

> Jon Farris, Chairman of PursuitSAFETY, and a group of members went to Washington DC to lobby for police pursuit reduction technology funding. MORE INFO AND PHOTOS. #PursuitSAFETY #TheHill #PolicePursuits

> May 27, 2014. Seven years

> June 2014: Paul’s dad, Jon, Chairman of PursuitSAFETY, speaks on ABC World News. See video here.
#PursuitSAFETY #StarChase #PolicePursuit

> 2014 Scholarships. Edina awarded on 5/25 and Somerville awarded on 5/28 Learn more

> Excellent article related to GPS tracking. Click here

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> We just added more photos

> Jan 2014: Jon Farris interviewed on KFMB News, San Diego Learn More

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> Random Thoughts
by Sharon Hundt

> We are proud to announce that since 2008 thePaul Farris Memorial Scholarship has awarded $34,000 to deserving graduating Seniors in Edina and Somerville.

> Feeling a bit blue today

> Sad days. The passing of our wonderfulPursuitSAFETY friend,
Brenda Ehrensperger

> Heartbreaking tragedy in Texas. Info here

> CODE BLUE! This is an excellent story.

> 2013 Scholarship update. See our Somerville and Edina recipients

> @insurancerescue Twitter updates for our 2013 Scholarships, police pursuits and insurance

> I saw a fitting note the other day: “Tears are words the heart can’t say.”

Paint me a room where I can dream
Dream of a world that I used to see
Paint me a window, soft and defined
And flood yellow light
Through the open blinds
It’s somewhere, hidden from view
A portrait, an epitaph…

Antimatter, Epitaph.

> Thinking of Paul and how much he loved our Utah ski trips. Here’s a photo from Feb 2013.

Brighton 2013

We’re in the News

> There ARE Safer Ways and better pursuit policies which WILL prevent deaths. Read about PursuitSAFETY’s Safer Way Award Winner for 2012.
Learn More

> Editorial ‘No police pursuit is worth a human life’ 11/24/2012

> Please see our 2012 Holiday Greeting  Original photography & holiday card design by Scott Farris