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Police Pursuits: An Avoidable National Tragedy

In Loving Memory of Paul Farris

Statement of the issue

My son, Paul Farris was killed in 2007. He was an innocent victim caught up in a high-speed police pursuit gone horribly wrong. Paul died unnecessarily because of a police chase started as the result of an illegal u-turn violation. After his death I began to research police chases and what I found was shocking.

The National Issue of High Speed Traffic Pursuits

Police chases are a national issue with staggering local impacts. Pursuits claim hundreds of lives and injure thousands each year, yet this topic continues to fall on deaf ears. This national issue destroys families in an instant. It deserves a national outcry for meaningful change and to finally give a voice to those who are no longer here to call attention to this problem.

Vehicle pursuits, on average, kill a person each day, injure thousands of people annually, and are the second most deadly event a police officer faces, second only to death by firearms. Considering this is a national issue, one would assume that there are state and federal funded programs for law enforcement to enhance training, to adopt 21st century policing and technology and to reduce the number of chases – yet the stark reality is that no designated funding exists.

This petition is requesting that each of you be a voice for the countless innocent victims and families who have been torn apart by these events, by finally creating federal legislation to help end these tragedies.

Please join us and demand that the Department of Justice and elected officials support legislation that will:

Demand federal policy changes guiding law enforcement agencies to adopt significantly safer pursuit polices, smarter pursuit practices and more consistent procedures to reduce innocent victim and law enforcement injuries and deaths

  1. Demand mandatory reporting for all Federal, State and Local police pursuits to the Bureau of Justice Statistics
  2. Legislate dedicated funding for increased pursuit safety. This funding will support much needed law enforcement training programs and technology to improve decision-making, police coordination and police conduct

National High Speed Pursuit Statistics Expose

  • One third of all pursuit victims are innocent bystanders
  • Pursuits kill in excess of 365 people annually
  • Thousands of citizens are injured each year, but without a national database there are no accurately documented numbers. One report stated it was as many as 55,000
  • Police chases kill a law enforcement officer every six weeks
  • Pursuits cost billions of dollars in medical expenses, insurance payments, property damage and litigation


Sign our petition to be part of a community saving the lives of innocent citizens and police officers, demanding meaningful change and helping to create legislation and funding that will keep your families and communities safe!