Paul Music 2

Mostly acoustic cover songs from various artists – recorded & mixed on the computers at home

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Either Way (Guster)(feat. Paul’s buddy Dallas)

Drugs Don’t Work (The Verve)(feat. Paul’s buddy Dallas)

Paul Farris EHS Solo (William Reeve – The Friar of Orders Grey)

Understanding in a Car Crash (Thursday)

#41 (Dave Matthews)

Going Home (original)

Got My List (Onelinedrawing)

Hard Alcohol (Original. Written for theMark but not recorded)

Top Hat (original)

Televators (Mars Volta)

Pink Life (Mike Doughty)

Coffee Stains (theMark)

Autobiography of a Nation (Thursday)

Down Again

Knife Party (Deftones)


Demo for the band Ericson in Boston (late 2006)

Alec Orenstein
Napoleon Good Mixdown (for Paul)